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Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's a Holiday!

Wow, what a day! Or rather, what a weekend! Shan't be long, it's late and tomorrow I have to be up by the crack of dawn (why do we call it the crack of dawn anyhow?) to rush the rental back to Marlborough (an actual town in MA) and get back in time for my 9 am class. Fun fun fun! (not!)

I shall write more later, but simply had to blog a little since it's been 4 days n' I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms!!! This weekend was exactly what I needed. No classes, nothing. Just 3 straight days of fun. I went to Martha's Vineyard, Winthrop Beach, Boston, and Salem (NH). The best part of it all? Still haven't decided if it's driving a cute little bright red Chevy Cobalt 09, seeing the amazing scenery, or enjoying my independence. I think, though, the best part would have to be getting off campus and getting away from it all. Now I feel fully rested and ready to start classes tomorrow. Not really. But it sounded good. Naw, I think I'll just stress out for the next 2 weeks about going back to work! Okay, enough with the wisecracks. I'll post a couple of pictures later but for now. . .g'nite!

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