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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fulfilling His Purpose For Me

Today is one of those perfect summery days when the sun is out but is hidden behind companionable clouds, a breeze keeps it cool, and everything looks extra crispy clear after being washed by late-season storms. As I walk a now-familiar path, I contemplate the grasses waving about carefree and a thought comes to mind. All of my life I have been an overachiever. I'm always obsessing over whether I've done something right. In my last class I got 103% and was frustrated because I could have gotten a higher score if I hadn't been tardy the first day (and that was only because no one knew where I was supposed to be). When it comes to my life, I worry that I'm not doing enough, going far enough, becoming enough, or living enough. Then I look at a single blade of grass. Here it is, bobbing back and forth in the wind, and it appears to be doing absolutely nothing. Maybe it does serve a purpose, maybe it helps keep the soil in place so the hill doesn't wash down into the valley, or maybe it helps provide a spot for a little bird to sit or a hiding place for a field mouse. But mainly, all it does is wave about and hang on tight. And maybe that is all that God is asking this single stalk to do. I'm sure that if God gave beetle legs to the stalk and asked it to wheel on over to another stalk and help hold it up or to cover up a bare spot on another part of the hill that the stalk would be happy to do so. Until then, however, all the blade of grass will do is hold on tight, serving the purpose that God created it to complete.

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