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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anyone Selling a Comfy Mattress?

I think I found a new hobby. Selling books online. Seriously! Okay, so I've only sold one so far, and my other attempts at selling outdated 3-editions-too-old textbooks didn't work out so well in the past, but I have sold one!!! I'm super excited! See, I bought my research methods textbook off and got the current edition for 1/3 the cost because the entire spine came off, but all the pages still stuck together so the seller said it would be just fine. This morning, during my last class session, I went to and listed the textbook, for $10 higher than I paid for it. It's the current edition, and my price was still $20 below anyone else's price. And hours later, I checked my email to find that it was sold! Already! So I'm happy and now I'd better make sure I send it off first thing in the morning so it gets there on time and the buyer is happy :) I wonder. . .if I were to find a way to get books for low cost or free. . .I could make a ton of money. Maybe I should take up dumpster diving? Nah, not that desperate yet! But garage sales. . .now that's an idea!

Today was a difficult day. It's been getting hotter and hotter this week and I think the all-time heat wave has struck. I discovered the exciting world of yahoo messenger's webcam with mic at about 10:30 last night and started happily talking away to my family. I don't know why it is that when one is on camera, one feels the need to make weird and amusing faces, but I saw sides of my family I had never seen before! (or would you call them angles? hmmm, maybe dimensions or perspectives. anyway!) When we signed off an hour later, I was still not sleepy so I wasted more time on Facebook and watched America's Got Talent. Oh yeah, if you're super super bored, you can watch it on So after seeing a man who "made salad" by having someone throw cabbages at a running lawnmower that was balanced upside down in the man's mouth, and hearing a judge try to sing "When you walk through the rain" except it sounded like he was walking on sharp nails, and he couldn't sing to save his life, and after watching a bunch more people who had absolutely no talent to speak of, try to convince the judges that they were the world's next best act, I finally decided it was time to try and sleep a bit. . .after midnight. . .and it was closer to 1 am before I nodded off. As I've said before, I have a bed that could rival Noah's wooden board in the ark and it's probably been around as long! This makes for rather uncomfortable sleeping quarters, especially when my feather pillow looks so perfectly fluffed, but as soon as my head hits the pillow it flattens to a thread and I find my head bouncing off the military-issue puke-green mattress.

Suffice to say, with an 8:30 am class, I was seriously lacking sleep today. Class was worse than usual and by the time break came around, I had had enough and I was ready to go home, straight away! I headed for a walk, scrolling through my limited friend list on my cheapy cell-phone but realized that with the time difference I would have to get someone out of bed to hear my frustrations and decided I would spare my friends and family, for the moment at least! But God is always there and He is always ready to listen, for which I am most grateful. Then at lunchtime I called home and my dear mom got to hear all my gripes! The older I become, the more I realize how important it is to treat others with respect, to show oneself friendly, and to think of how I would like to be treated and treat others accordingly. The Golden Rule.

By the way, the humidity is 71% right now with 77 degrees F. And at Weimar it's 17% humidity with 97 degrees F. I'll take the 97/17 any day! Plus there's airconditioning at home. Here, not even a fan dares to show its face in the building for fear of being mobbed!


  1. Maria!! You're so funny!! This is Jose by the way. hehee. mIss u! Keep writing! you're really good at it! You should write a book like Michael too! ;D

  2. Go to the Goodwill and other thrift stores, look at their textbook section, check the dates published, buy them, sell them on or amazon and make a profit ;)

  3. Oh, check out the link on my blog called paperback swap. Swap books with others for free. It is the coolest. I have been able to trade for about 6 books now. I love it! If you sign up with the link in my sidebar (on my blog) I will get credit for you joining. At least check it out. We all have books lying around to trade for books we have not read. :)


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