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Sunday, July 26, 2009

90% isn't always an A!

It's 10:42 pm and I have a presentation in class tomorrow which means I need to be up at 7 am or thereabouts. Except it is so miserably hot right now that there is no way I can even consider falling asleep, unless one were to take great pleasure in lying on one's bed for hours, waiting for the faintest of breezes to tease and tantalize and knowing that it will be after midnight before sleep will mercifully claim consciousness. It's official. I looked it up online and the humidity is 90%. That is just 10% away from. . .well, I won't say it! But suffice to say that I am experiencing every single percent of that ninety percent!

The final week of classes begin tomorrow and I know it will fly by. I have only 5 more days and then it's the day I leave!!! I'm sooooo excited. To know that I'm going home is the most exciting part of the six weeks I've spent here :P I will be busy, though, with 5 position papers, 1 personal bioethics paper, a presentation on critically ill newborns, two ethics-in-the-news oral reports, and continued reports on the textbook we are slowly working our way through. It tires me out just writing it! At least I have a focused 9 or so hours after class in which to work on homework, though by the time I've eaten lunch, done necessary cleaning and shopping and laundry and cooking, caught up on my favourite TV shows and called home for hours, well, let's just say that my allotted time is drastically reduced!

I am feeling a touch of a breeze so I must take advantage of it and attempt to fall into dreamland before it passes! If you're bored like me, enjoy previous episodes of The World's Biggest Loser online. Go to and click on Shows in the top left-hand corner, then select The Biggest Loser.

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