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Friday, July 10, 2009

Black and White? Or is it Gray?

What a week it's been! It flew by (I'm still somewhere in Tuesday!) but was not without its share of challenges. A few down days, a rather frustrating class, and now trying to decide whether or not I should stay for the last two weeks, whether it's worth it. But as I walked up the stairs this evening, rubbing at a rather itchy mosquito bite I had picked up when I dashed out to look at the last bits of sunset, I smiled to myself and said, "at least there are no mosquitoes in my room! Or ants! Or even cockroaches or centipedes." So there is always something to smile about :)

Today Heidi and Serai and I walked in to town to pick up some groceries. I had a few things on my shopping list, of course buying about 50 more than I really needed. Then Rosemary called Heidi and said she'd take us in to the Market Basket, a cheaper store. I absolutely loved it! Found some prizes, like a 99 cent English cucumber (this one's gone in the vegetable bin where hopefully it won't freeze!), La Vache Qui Ri (the laughing cow spreadable cheese), apple sauce with no added sugar, ramen noodles!, my fav TLC soft granola bars (splurged and bought a box for $3), and Near East Couscous. My best find was a tub of hummus and soft "baladi" type of bread (like the kind we get in Holland!). I was super happy about that. Now I can eat a baladi with hummus and cucumber rolled up in it. Give me a sandwich of any kind (salty of course!) and I'm happy :)

Here's a question for you: if you're in a place where you are starving and all you can eat is unclean meat (eg. pig), what will you do? Will you eat it or will you abstain?

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