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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Next to the Woolen Socks

Weary and worried, I looked up, eyes not particularly focused on any one thing, as I sat on the hard wooden bench in the middle of REI, waiting. And then I saw her. She was leaning forward expectantly, her little head tipped sideways, as she waited for me to notice her. The pudgy foot-high cherub with white-blonde hair looked as if she were waiting for an old friend, until I, confused, realized her attention was directed at me. I smiled almost automatically and watched a huge grin stretch across her baby cheeks as she kicked her legs in glee. We exchanged silent laughter until moments later her black plastic chariot rolled around the corner of the North Face winter jackets and she disappeared from sight.

I sat very still as a thought came to mind. Is God like that? Does He stand there, in our direct line of vision, waiting excitedly like a little child for us to notice Him? Are we drifting along through life, weary and worried, not quite seeing as we plod along? Perhaps when our eyes clear a little and we notice Him, we will see a huge welcoming smile spread across His face and hesitantly smile in return. Maybe we'll even share a laugh or two.