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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A fun thought or two

It's late and I really should be sleeping, particularly considering the fact that I had a slight problem waking up this morning (ahem, I DID turn my alarm off. . .at 7:30 am. . .and then promptly fell unconscious. . .hmmm. . .maybe I have sleeping sickness?). The sprinklers outside my window go off at random times and it is rather disturbing when a loud "swishing" and "sputtering" decides to erupt as soon as my fridge stops humming! I'm chatting with a good friend, reading LaVonne's blogs (love your list of top 10!), and trying to remember my grandmother's maternal name so I can Google her and see what interesting things come up. It's been a super long day and I seriously need to learn to budget about three hours of downtime into my evening, along with everything else that needs to be done!!!

My lovely little studio apartment urgently needs some care. I have a long strip of unpainted wall right by the door that needs attention, a pile of unwanted belongings that my family so generously transported to and dumped in my place sits tall in a corner, and haphazard items lie strewn about, waiting for a new home.

It's been a long day, and I managed to stretch it out even longer by staying at work till almost 8 working on the "mug sheet" of students and staff pictures. It's really quite hysterical when you think about it, 25 students and we have to see their pictures so we know who is who. I mean, after registration I had everyone's first and last name down pat and was working on memorizing their class schedules as everyone seems to think I have a database in my head that just spits out random information on demand!!!

It's 11:27 pm now, just got off the phone with an old friend (not in age!) and I seriously need to "hit the sack" except I think I shall be sinking into the sack! The mattress I dug up from storage has seen firmer years. . .but can't complain. At least it isn't a sanitarium mattress!!!

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