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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taking to the Skies

Well I'm super excited because I just booked my ticket to London! I'll be there for a full week, between time spent in the Netherlands both before and after, so I'm gonna be running around quite busily during my vacation! I was looking for tickets online last week, trying to find the perfect itinerary and feeling rather frustrated because everything was either too expensive or left at the wrong time. This afternoon, I was trying to think about what I should accomplish today and realized I needed to book that ticket before it got too late.

So back online I went, and somehow the right combination of dates and websites lent me a perfect itinerary for the grand total of $39 for the ticket. And an additional $129 for taxes and fees. And an additional $38 for travel insurance. But at $206 for a round-trip from Amsterdam to London, with a brief stopover in Hamburg (now I wish I was going longer so I could actually do some sightseeing in Germany and Austria and France. . .and I wish I were a millionaire as well!), well you can't beat that price so I'm happy.

Now it's off to Wal-mart to buy some fun and practical presents for the family!

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  1. Yay! It is so nice to catch up here on the blog. Tyler heads to London the 2nd of June. Wish we could go to but not this time. ;)


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