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Friday, August 13, 2010

I Only Want My Money Back, Seriously!

So I went to Fry's the other day, right? Well I got home and found out, much to my dismay, that the cleaning tape which the sales representative had assured me was the correct one, would not even fit in my camcorder because it was too big. Rather frustrated, I realized I had to return it before 30 days, or I would be seeing a repeat performance of the time I tried to return a cable on day 31. Needless to say, there was no mercy.

I popped in this morning and a young lady rang up my return. She shoved two full-size pieces of paper towards me and asked me to "sign here, please." I did. Then, instead of receiving my refund, I was directed to go to the line of cashiers to claim my refund. I did so. A second young lady again rang up my return, shoved the papers towards me and asked me to "sign here, please." I did. Then we had to wait another 10 minutes while the computer decided to process the information. After waiting another minute for her to get the printed receipt, I was finally able to leave the store. With my $10.81 in change.

Well, I have vowed that I will not be returning to Fry's again as the customer service there is seriously lacking. Not only that, it appears that if a person pays with cash, they are treated with great suspicion! I think I will be going to Walmart and Best Buy. Oh, Target has the best customer service for returns, by the way!

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