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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Master This or Master That?

Okay, so now I'm facing a dilemna. Which to choose? But I'm guessing it really doesn't matter which, what matters is that I choose one!

Yesterday, I talked to Dr. Wilson on the phone and he told me I should go for a Masters in Higher Education and Administration. That has been something I've been looking at also, but I hadn't found something that gave me the title I was looking for.

Well, this afternoon I was surfing the web and an advert popped up for Kaplan University and I went to its website and discovered they have a Master of Science in Higher Education with an emphasis in College Administration and Leadership!!! It is kinda pricey but still a lot cheaper than programs I've been looking at. Total cost of $19,000 for tuition, all online, could be completed as quickly as 10 months but probably more realistic to take a couple of years.

So now the plan is to crunch some numbers and figure out whether I should double-major, focus on Psychology, or on Higher Education first. My favourite plan right now would be to do Higher Ed on the masters level and then Psychology on the doctoral level. Then I would have a really nice package of education to offer, along with training in yet another area.

So I'm excited and now I have to get to work to figure out what I'm going to do. I might still do some more research into Higher Ed masters programs also.

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  1. What can be done with a Master's in Higher Education and Administration? The job you already do? Or maybe Dean or Assistant Dean?


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