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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's The End Of The Rainbow!

Today was Blessing Day! I had so many awesome little things happen to me, things that happen and you just know that God is smiling down on you, that I decided I should just blog about them so I don't forget.

It all started with the Durango. I had to drive in to town for a work-related meeting and had to take the company car (that sounds quite fancy!). So. . .I ended up with the Durango, thankfully not the Crowne Victoria I had last time that I drove once around the Loop and absolutely refused to take on my long road trip! Anyhow, after I managed to figure out all the basics, like how to change gears up by the steering wheel, and got used to the feel of the huge lumbering thing, I realized I had a CD player in the car! So I quickly drove home and picked up a few of my fav CDs I hadn't listened to in ages. I got to enjoy Ray Boltz going down and Trey Lorenz coming back and it was absolutely marvelous.

The next neat thing was that I didn't have to go to downtown, a huge blessing because it's hard enough to drive in downtown traffic with your own car, let alone a dinosaur-sized chunk of metal that stops on a dime (and I mean a dime!) and drives at 70 like it's going 10. The seminar was in a building I'd been to about three years ago and it was right off the freeway so it was quite simple to get there.

The third blessing of the day was when I flew back in to town to see my dentist for my crown. I managed to wake up in the middle of the night Friday and I'd been dreaming that I had crunched down on my tooth and my crown broke. Well, surprisingly enough, when I woke up I realized I had indeed chipped a piece off! Thankfully I didn't swallow it!

So this afternoon I was rather apprehensive because I didn't know if the crown was under warranty (it's less than 6 months old) and if it would have to be replaced and if my tooth had been compromised. Ten minutes after Gloria, one of my favourite friendly dentists, had taken the first x-ray, my second friendly dentist, an Indian lady who is super sweet, smiled at me and said I was ready to go. All she did was polish the tooth smooth! It has a 5-year warranty (phew!), the tooth looked great, and I didn't need a replacement crown because thankfully I'd managed to break off a piece that wasn't vital to the existence and function of the crown.

The final blessing was a small one but super exciting to me. My dentist (the Indian lady) told me that I could crack a tooth if I bit down on candy or on a bone. Well, I informed her that I was a vegetarian so I wouldn't have to worry about biting down on a bone, and promised to stay away from candy, and then we had a little chat about being vegetarian. She asked me where I went out to eat at restaurants if I was vegetarian, and I rambled off about pizza and Fresh Choice and then went on to my favourite ethnic restaurants of Chinese and Indian and she smiled real big when I said I liked Indian food. She also said she'd tried being a vegetarian for a couple of years, but wasn't anymore. So now I'm wondering how to bring it up again next time and maybe I can give her a cookbook or a little magazine or something about health. I don't want to be annoying but I'd like to be encouraging if I can.

Well. . .those are my blessings for today. I'm eagerly looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

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