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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Again!!!

I hate ants. Okay, I know, you've already heard this theme, but tonight I had the everlasting joy of encountering yet another line of busybodies, rushing along, and had to spend a couple of hours vacuuming them up. I get cold chills down my spine when I think of or see ants, particularly when I have to pick them up with tiny bits of toilet paper and flush them down the toilet.

The worst part of the evening was when I picked up a paper bag, intending to peer inside and and see whether there were any ants left. My thumb landed squish right on a huge black ant. I just about burst into tears, but told myself very firmly to get ahold of myself and turned my attention elsewhere.

It's really quite amazing, when you think about it, how teeny tiny creatures can make such an impact, I mean, you can barely see the black spots scurrying around unless they are highlighted on a white background (I'm so grateful for white walls and a linoleum entryway!). Makes me wonder what object lesson can be drawn from the persistence of these pests. I do hope that if there are ants in heaven, they will stay in the garden where they belong.

Excuse me while I go vacuum some ants.

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