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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Week Well Done

This has been such a good week :) I realized again, today, as I was unlocking the door to my cute studio apartment after a full day at work, that I really do enjoy being busy. I like having so much to do that I am rushing here and there, feeling quite productive. I am starting to settle in to the routine of things, figuring out how to work with the many different personality types that have come on board, and always learning more.

I realized several weeks ago that I need to let go of my ideas for what I want, my plans for this place, and not cling so tightly to my ideas of what I know are right. I'm still working on that, but I'm also realizing that God did give me a mind and He doesn't expect me to sit back and let it go to waste. It is perfectly okay to have ideas and to try to sort out the many puzzles I am faced with every day; what is not okay is my tendency to attempt to control situations.

This afternoon, I thought, "I could do this for years. Be a registrar here." I do enjoy it. Always have and probably always will. Sure, there are tough times, but when I sit back and remember that I am doing something I love to do, well, it puts a different perspective on things. I'm curious to see where and how God leads from here. Will I stay here another 20 years? Who knows!!!

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