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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Imagine All The People

Listening to my Jim Brickman station on Pandora and contemplating my next blog, I realized I wanted to journal a little on family. Seeing the awful disasters in Haiti has reminded me of the fragility of life and the importance of holding close those around you, especially your family.

Family is about more than just a name. Today, family was sitting in church and feeling proud inside as my 18-year old brother walked up to the front to be ordained as a deacon. A regular deacon too, not a junior deacon. He was the youngest person up there and only one of two young people under the age of 40 who were up front as elders and deacons for the coming year. Tears came to my eyes as I realized that this moment was possible because of the years of patient parenting from a single mother, the support of a loving community, young people who were role models in his life, and a God Who cared enough to walk close by his side and teach him daily.

Family was sitting around the table at lunchtime, eating spaghetti and sweet corn and aromatic garlic bread with a green salad, laughing at silly jokes. "Mom, are all dreams from God?" "Some are from indigestion!" It was taking a afternoon nap on the sofa and waking up to a quiet hum of activity around. It was sitting on the sofa watching Man's Favourite Sport with Rock Hudson, laughing at the corny jokes, and eating popcorn and lollipops. Family is that warm feeling you get inside, knowing that you are loved, knowing it will never change.

I've been blessed beyond belief with the family I have. When I see the abuse that runs rampant in today's world, kids under 18 living on the streets or disowned, parents beating their spouses or their children, unstable environments to live in, my heart aches for the children who must grow up under those kinds of conditions.

I wish I could change the world. I wish I could do it right now, and somehow, I know God must wish it even more. . .

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  1. I feel exactly the same way! I wish that I could so much. Not just for others but in my own life. When I come up short I often give up. I love reading your blog. Though it makes me miss you more, I still feel connected.

    (Hey, I figured out how to post comments. It is a blogger issue when using Firefox. I have to allow third party cookies to do it. But hey, you're worth it!)


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