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Sunday, June 30, 2013

God Has Been This Way Already

Heard a really encouraging sermon today. The pastor talked about taking his young son fishing and they had to cross the stream to get to a good fishing hole. The water was deep in one spot, it came up to his waist, but it came up to just below the boy's waders. His eyes got real big, he was holding tight to his dad's hand, and at that deep spot the dad took a huge step and pulled his son along with him right through that deep part.

It was so encouraging because the pastor said he knew that spot was deep but he'd been through it many times before so he knew he could make it through safely. And that made me think of God, and how we often come to scary places in our lives that we're pretty sure we can't make it through because the water is too deep and we feel overwhelmed. But if we hold on tight to His hand, He will take that big step and pull us right along with Him and take us safely through those scary spots to the other side. And we don't have to be afraid because He has been this way before, He knows He can get us safely home.

When I tend to get all caught up in emotional drama and stressed, I stop and think about what really matters. And for me, what really matters is going Home. Being in Heaven where there's no more of this miserable stuff we have to endure, no more people dying, no more loneliness, no more worry or fear. So anytime I hear an encouraging thought like today, or read something or hear it in a song, then my heart is comforted because I know that God is there.

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