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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rules Of Life

Rule # 1: Always carry an umbrella with you because it can start raining at any time.
Rule # 2: Nobody uses an umbrella.
Rule # 3: If you want to go anywhere, you're going to have to walk.
Rule # 4: No one walks; they drive.
Rule # 5: There are few caucasians here; it is largely multicultural so you should fit in.
Rule # 6: Since you are caucasian, you do not fit in.
Rule # 7: A vegan option is served at lunch in the cafeteria.
Rule # 8: After 2 days of vegan food, you will be craving fresh fruits and vegetables (1/2 cup of salad greens at lunch does not count).

I am learning a lot here, as I explore a new world very alien to my own. It's amazing how quickly we adjust and adapt to what we then term as normal and when we are thrown into another environment, we are quick to label what is "right" and what is "wrong" according to our previously known "normal." For example, I am used to seeing people walk for exercise. Well here, either everyone exercises at Curves or finds a city park to walk in, because the most walking you will see is someone going from one classroom to another. Or the whole "vegan" thing, which is quite fascinating. I am most grateful that there is a vegan option, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I don't have to stuff my arteries with cheese (even though I do at home, haha, but I'm trying to get away from that). However, here is where it gets interesting. Lunch today was a large serving of meat loaf, a generous portion of mashed potatoes & gravy (all ladled by a very friendly server), then a scoop of dried up tough green peas, a small serving of assorted salad greens with 3 cherry tomatoes hidden among the leaves, and then there's a slice of wholewheat bread and margarine, and a tub of 100% fruit juice. Okay, you say, what's wrong with that? Nothing, except for the very strange fact that I am craving fresh cucumbers, steamed vegetables, stir-fried vegetables, salad vegetables, any kind of vegetables! (and a fruit here or there too) Funny, isn't it? I realized that at home, while I need to work on eating healthier breakfasts and suppers, I actually have extremely generous portions of vegetables for lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY and so I'm missing that now. Even at supper I'm used to eating cucumbers on my sandwiches and the odd tomato or two.

You'll be happy to know that I signed up for a membership at Shaw's today. In case you're wondering what in the world Shaw's is, it is the closest grocery store to AUC and it has plenty of. . . .you guessed it. . .vegetables! And other things too, like bananas for 54 cents a pound, teeny tiny clementine tangerines, paper plates & bowls and spoons (don't worry Dr. J, I'll re-use them at least twice!) and plastic croc-look-alikes for the shower. It's a Walgreens/Safeway combo, has good stuff and terribly high prices, but doesn't have every single little thing your heart could desire. But I'm happy because I am now the proud owner of an English cucumber, which won't last long because I'm planning to eat some for supper tonight, and I have tons of tiny baby carrots, so I shan't be lacking for my fresh vegetables either!

Well, it's 3:30 pm and while I did some of my homework for today, yesterday, I should probably finish it off and do some other important things like read ahead or watch The Batchelorette, tehehehe!

Till the next discovery!

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  1. So funny! How do you have TV there? I wanted to send you a link for Shaws deals


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