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Friday, August 11, 2017

Sweet Delights

I cut through the grapes, every single one, even the tiny half-inch ones, peering closely at the halves. I will probably do this for the next few months or so until I forget. But the shiver of little white wriggling bodies that seemed to seamlessly slide between the deep purple of the grape's skin and its inner sweetness is still imprinted in my mind. So I cut the grapes in half in almost OCD fashion, popping the tiniest ones right into my mouth and tasting the sultry summer on my tongue. I think I'm thirsty but if I satiate my thirst with cool water, I won't want to eat a grape and I really want to eat this bowl of grapes. Then I think I'll have a cup of tea. It's finally cool enough at night now to enjoy the steam of sweetened rosehip peach Lipton herbal tea.

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