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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There For You

After a while we begin to tire of trying to be what we think people like, and we start to look for those who think we're amazing because of who we are. Those are the true friends. The ones with whom you can laugh for no reason, talk for hours on end about nothing, and be quiet and know that they understand. No need to impress, no need to feel insecure, no need to question.

Real friends can see you on a got-the-flu-and-my-hair-needs-to-be-washed sort of day and they'll know what to say to cheer you up. They'll sit and listen to you talk about the oddest things, like wallets with snap closures, and smile and you'll realize that even though what you just said wasn't earth-shattering in any way, they cared enough to listen. They're always there, even when you're not so sure they will be, because they said they would be.

Actually, true friends never need to say they'll be there for you. They just are.


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