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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fly On

Sometimes, it's the little things in life that make you happy. Like a cold chocolate Silk waiting for you in the fridge. Or the mystery ingredients for tomorrow's lunch coming together with lasagna noodles to make a delicious meal. Or that spreadsheet for work finally making perfect sense after weeks of effort.

Tonight, it was a fly, a flashlight, and an open door.

I've been working out of home for the past couple of days because of the renovations going on in my office, including a very strong smell of paint. My work extension actually rings in my place, but I still have to run out onto the sidewalk so I can get a clear signal! Most times I close my door, but this time I forgot and a huge nasty black fly managed to sneak in. For the rest of the afternoon that fly continued to buzz about in irritating circles.

After preparing dinner for tomorrow and doing some laundry at my mom's place, I came back to my house, sat down to finish my disc of Project Runway Season 4, and then the nasty fly started to circle again. When it decided to land on my shoulder, I got upset. Flies are disgusting and dirty creatures and I did not want one hanging out with me! Then I had the most brilliant idea.

I turned off all my lights and held my mini flashlight, turned to its brightest, against the white wall of my front door. After about 30 seconds, just when I was about to give up (I have a very short attention span!), the fly flew right into my circle of light. Keeping the light focused on the door, I opened the door slowly to reveal my porch light shining brightly. On the second circle-around, the fly flew right out the door into the night light. I shut the door to a fly-free home.


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  1. Hey, that was very smart! :) Thanks for sharing your tricks.

    Miss you. Got to see some of your co-workers at GC. Send an update again soon.


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