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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Twelve Meals of Christmas

I'm stuffed! But then again, who isn't, on Christmas Day! Today was totally awesome :) Went to eat Christmas dinner with our extended family, and after Mrs. South read the Christmas story, we practised up a bit then went out Christmas caroling around the campus. At first it was just Kate & Henry, Matt & Heather, Rachel and Michael and my mom and Mrs. South (Matt & Elena went back home), but as we went from house to house, we managed to pick up quite a few carollers, until we had Randy & Brenda & Freddy, Beth & John, Celeste, Cosmin & Rina, Coleen J., all singing heartily with us around campus. We went to 20 different houses on campus, singing a selection of Christmas hymns for almost 3 hours and always ending with We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

We laughed as we sang to houses that had lights on but nobody was home; sang our hearts out as doors opened and single mothers stood in the porchlight with tears in their eyes as their hearts were filled; wrestled our way down overgrown paths behind the duplexes as we hurried to serenade those who had turned in for the night; sang along with someone's carols at the piano until they realized their worship accompaniment had just grown by 18 voices strong; and smiled at the small gray cat who decided to be a Christmas Caroling Cat for the evening and join us on our night jaunt!

Made an English trifle for dessert which was absolutely heavenly, cubes of vegan sponge cake in a kosher raspberry/strawberry jelly, topped with custard, topped with cream, topped with sprinkles!!! Then there was mixed rice, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes baked in a coconut milk-ginger-garlic-sugar concoction, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, Moldovan beet-potato-carrot chilled salad, cabbage rolls, stuffing and homemade gluten. It was all absolutely delicious and now I really must go to bed and try to sleep off what I wasn't able to walk off!

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