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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Part Two

Today was lovely. Ended up sleeping in till 10:30 so, since it was too late to go to church, I stayed home and did some journaling. We went to Mrs. South's place for leftovers, I'd made so much mixed rice yesterday that even after the second meal of Christmas yummies, there was enough rice leftover for the 4 families each!!! After sundown we (finally!) opened up our prezzies and I absolutely loved everything I got. Books, kitchen things, candles, bathroom soap in a cute snowman, my baby picture, a planner, daily calendar. The most hysterical gift was a book titled "Welcome to My Humble Commode" which Michael gave me. I love it because ever since we heard the Wrathbones on Adventures in Odyssey say that on one of the episodes, we've adopted it as a family saying. My most favourite gift was 7th Heaven 9th season (I remember, Shiloh & Rachel, when you gave me a 7th Heaven for, what was it, my birthday or last Christmas?). I've been looking forward to watching it and had decided that if I didn't find it under the tree, I would buy it online with my Christmas money! I've been suffering severe withdrawal symptoms from the Camden family!!! My mom loved the 12-place Callaway Corelle dishes set I completed/gave her, especially the pasta bowls and the luncheon plates, so that made my night. It's nice to be working and be able to afford special gifts, especially for my mom who worked hard all her life to make a nice home for us kids.

Awww, well, with Christmas thoughts in my mind, but unfortunately no snow on the ground, I shall sign off for tonight.

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  1. I am glad you had a great Christmas. The comment box seems to be working now. I can leave comments. Whoo hoo! I hope the Christmas break is quiet and nice for you in the office. We will be flying into Modesto February 26. I can't wait to see you again. Love and hugs!


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