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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just a Jot

Drove to the Camino church today, thought it would take about 45 minutes but it actually took over an hour, but it was a beautiful drive. Rock quarry, the Foresthill bridge, vivid autumn colours, and tiny roads winding around in the Sierra Foothills. Daniel was speaking, one of Rachel's classmates and now a pilot with GMI, so Michael was quite keen on hearing him share some stories and chatting a bit. Church starts near 10 there, and it was just after 3 by the time we got home. My stomach is still kinda queasy from those roads!!!

I'm not sure I like these early sunsets. Not enough time on Friday to get stuff done and then by the time you've finished lunch and gone for a couple of loops, Sabbath is already over!

Dreading for Sunday to be over, I think I need a month of vacations. . .

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