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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"Ten years of living in heaven does not a saint make."

"Do not require others to live your life, to be convicted of your convictions, or to realize your reality. Only you are in your present, they must walk their own path, and each one's footsteps are spaced differently."

"The ones who are struggling but are open about it, those people I can understand. It's the ones who are perfect, those are the ones I cannot forgive."

"So you tell me I won't be going to heaven because I ate a slice of cheddar cheese today? That's okay, I wouldn't want to live in your heaven anyway."

"Stop short before deciding another's future."

"Mistakes? Difficult choices? Uncertainties? How will you ever learn if all you do is play it safe? I'm not saying you shouldn't try to do the right thing; I'm just saying it's okay if you miss your exit or take a different turn on the pathway of life."

"What happened to love, anyway? Is it hidden under dusty piles of caring, compassion, kindness and concern? Maybe it's been tossed to the side to make room for reformation and revival. Love is, after all, highly overrated."

"Maybe it isn't all about what's wrong with me. Maybe, just maybe, I'm doing something right and maybe all this struggling, this fighting against injustice, is the right person to be."

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