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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just finished watching Hotel Rwanda with Paul Rusesabagina and Les Milles Collines and it is a very well-done and gripping film. It also makes me angry to see the atrocities committed against innocent people, especially innocent children. There is so much violence, so much crime in today's world that it makes me sick. I can't understand how people can do such awful things. I was watching Dr. Phil interview a woman who stayed with her abusive husband, even when he was hitting her, and her 12-year old daughter was hanging onto the man, trying to stop him from hitting her mother, the woman still stayed. What kind of a society are we creating where it is even permissible for someone to strike another? Let alone kill? It is sickening and it is shameful. There are no words to describe it, but may every one of those people who were a part of the genocide in Rwanda, and every single person who has ever been a part of a horrific incident like this, may those people burn the longest when this earth is cleansed. It is still no consolation for the lives that were blotted out in moments. I wish films like Hotel Rwanda, Not Without My Children, God Grew Tired of Us, and others like this were requirements for everyone to watch, to become aware of what is really happening, so it would stop. It will never stop, though, I know that. As long as we live in this sick world, the rampaging will continue. One day it will turn against us. Will we be ready to stand for our faith and our belief in God?

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  1. I know, it is so hard to watch films like this. The world is only getting worse. I can't even watch the news anymore. It is horrible.

    Just watched a movie (new release) called Australia. I LOVED it! (Also, sad how the country hated the aborigines.)


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