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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Bible and a Bunny

It's a fire evacuation, what will you take? The first time we prepared for evacuation yesterday, I threw my Bible, a stuffed bunny I've had since I was 1 1/2, and my wallet in my bag. We grabbed photo albums, important documents, and sleeping bags. At the last minute I took my laptop. The second time, when we actually did leave for several hours, I took the same things but this time I remembered my phone charger and diaries. That was it. No spare clothes, no huge flat screen TV, just a few snacks in case we were gone for long. I didn't have piles of shirts on hangers, or suitcases of things. I rushed about wearing a simple dress and flip flops.

The fire is not out; it doesn't pose an imminent threat but the winds can shift at a moment's notice. So we sleep ready to leave, our phones on, waiting for morning when we hope to see a larger containment percentage. Always praying for the firefighters. Grateful for those who serve. And thinking about what's really important.

If I'd had just moments to leave, like some in the nearby community had, I would have taken my wallet so I could prove my identity, the photo albums so I could remember, and left. My past and my present preserved in those simple items.

For this TCK, it was a potential loss too close for comfort. Thankful that God kept His protecting hand over us this time. Praying He will continue.

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