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Friday, April 11, 2014

An Offering

She was there that day
standing in the corner
ashamed of her gift so small
all it was, was all she had
she could give no more

She waited, patiently
watching as they came
the men with their coins
dropping in so loud
trumpets sounded
people praised God
as they swept by the corner
where she stood

The day went by
til the sun began to set
she knew now the time
for her had come
quietly she stepped forth
gently she placed her mite
and it dropped in without a sound

He was there that day
standing in the corner
He saw the gift so precious
in its offering
He knew her sacrifice
her heart had given all
in its longing to be made whole

He turned to those
who were with Him
"Do you see that woman's mite?"
In giving, she will be given
more than she can imagine
For her gift was of greater worth
than all the gold in the world

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