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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Bit of This & That

Wow, it's been a while! After a couple hectic days (okay, make that "day") getting ready to head up to MT for Heather & Matt's wedding, then 5 days on the road, and the past week recovering from a head cold so generously shared by friends, I'm trying to get my life back into some semblance of order. However, order does not seem to be one of my strengths, because, while oddly enough I can be quite organized at work, once I come home, all my organization skills hop out the window and I'm faced with mountains of STUFF, wondering where it came from and why I feel the need to rush out about once a week and purchase more of it!!!

You'd think that I could get my shopping "highs" from grocery shopping, since I love a good bargain no matter what it is, whether colby jack cheese sticks with an instant $1 off coupon at Walmart, Mediterranean Veggie Chips at Grocery Outlet, or Kashi's soft granola bars at Target. But no, even though grocery shopping keeps me happy, I'm not completely happy unless I've purchased enough of the bargain item to make it worth my while. Which usually entails buying enough for me. . .my family. . .my friends. . .and the entire campus!!! It's quite hysterical, really, because while I have only two borrowed pans in my cupboard, I have three boxes of Kashi's assorted cereal (I had coupons!), four different kinds of washing up liquid (coupons again), and I'm well stocked in the ready-meal section with three different Indian sauces and numerous packets of basmati rice, just ready to pop into the microwave (specials at Grocery Outlet). I guess I just have my priorities straight!

I'm not exactly sure how I wandered onto this tangent of shopping, but I should be wandering towards my bed right about now. I'm still harbouring a bit of a cough and need to beat that before we head to Yosemite for some fun R&R next weekend.

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  1. I have missed you. I knew Tara was sick but not you too ;) Oh and I have some Kashi coupons for you to use for those soft cereal bars :)


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